Earthquake in Naples: A 4.2 Magnitude Tremor Stirs the Campi Flegrei Area — The Most Potent in Four Decades


At 3:35 a.m., Naples was awakened by a significant tremor. The region surrounding the Campi Flegrei, just outside of Naples, witnessed a seismic flurry during the night of 27th September. The strongest quake of the series registered at a magnitude of 4.2. It struck at 3:35 a.m., shaking several districts of the Neapolitan capital with vigor. The quake’s origin was pinpointed at approximately 3 km underground. Initial reports indicate no injuries or substantial damages. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) states the geographic coordinates as 40.8170 latitude and 14.1560 longitude.

Throughout Naples, from Fuorigrotta to Vomero and from Riviera di Chiaia to Capodimonte, many residents were jolted awake, not just by the earth’s movements, but also by the sounding of alarms. According to INGV, this was the most potent tremor in the area in the last 40 years.

Smaller Tremors Precede the Main Quake Before the main quake, the Campi Flegrei area had also experienced minor shakes with magnitudes of 2 and 2.2. Additionally, two separate tremors were felt in the Solfatara area: one at 5:06 a.m. with a magnitude of 2.1, and another at 8:31 a.m., registering at 2.4. Furthermore, a 3.2 magnitude tremor was noticed in the Campi Flegrei area at 9:10 a.m. These tremors were clearly felt in the western parts of Naples and in the city of Pozzuoli.

Seismic Swarms and Their Recent Intensification The seismic swarm started at dawn. Residents were startled from sleep by the shakes, which were succeeded by a loud rumble causing windows to shudder and household items to rattle. According to Di Vito from the press agency, the 4.2 magnitude earthquake in Campi Flegrei was “the most significant in the last 40 years”. The earthquake fits the bradyseismic activity pattern, which has witnessed a slight escalation in recent days.

Immediate Reactions and Responses Pozzuoli’s Mayor, Luigi Manzoni, took to Facebook, stating, “We are all awake. I’m in constant touch with the Civil Protection and INGV. The shake was intense. Inspections are already underway in school buildings for possible damages. Meanwhile, I urge everyone to remain calm during these testing times.” Manzoni also posted an official order regarding school closures on Facebook.

Transportation Aftereffects Post the quake, for precautionary purposes, train services to and from Naples were temporarily halted. However, high-speed train services resumed later in the day, though they experienced delays ranging from one to three hours.

Affected Areas Specialist technicians from Anas conducted detailed inspections on state roads 7 Quater “Domitiana” and 686 “di Quarto”. All inspections concluded without finding any significant structural anomalies or damages. The earthquake’s effects were felt over a wide area, with reports even coming in from cities like Rome and Potenza.

Scientific Insights and Warnings Mauro Di Vito, Director of Vesuvian Observatory at INGV, explained, “The dynamics of the Campi Flegrei are constantly monitored. The geophysical and geochemical parameters analyzed indicate the persistence of the ongoing dynamics.” However, there’s no imminent danger as per the current monitoring data.

A looming fear in the area is a “supereruption” of Vesuvius due to these seismic activities. Expert vulcanologist from INGV, Giuseppe Mastrolenzo, has warned of the possibility of such an eruption, which could be “tens of times stronger than the 79 AD Pompeii eruption.”

However, Francesca Bianco, another INGV official, reassured the public: “We are witnessing a bradyseismic phenomenon, and none of the data suggests an impending eruption.”

In Conclusion The tremors felt in and around Naples are a stern reminder of the volatile nature of our planet. While the authorities remain vigilant and proactive, it’s essential for residents and visitors to stay informed and prepared.

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Redazione UPFD

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