Hamas Launches 5,000 Rockets: Israel Declares, “We Are at War”

israel 5000 missile sending

I. Introduction: The Rise in Hostilities

On the dawn of October 7th, 2023, the atmosphere over Israel and Gaza shifted dramatically. The Israeli military, in response to attacks, initiated ‘Operation Iron Sword’. As Tel Aviv’s skies were filled with sirens and the aftermath of thousands of rockets launched by Hamas, the tension was palpable.

II. The Call to Arms: Israel’s Military Response

The Israeli army has mobilized tens of thousands of reservists, marking the commencement of ‘Operation Iron Sword’. Officially, at least 2,200 rocket launches from Gaza have been confirmed. With battles raging in seven distinct Israeli locations, the public television broadcaster, Kan, reported the unfolding scenario. Furthermore, eyewitnesses, including ANSA representatives, confirmed the sounds of anti-missile sirens reverberating in Tel Aviv.

III. The Gazan Perspective: Preparing for a Protracted Conflict

In response to the rising conflict, Gaza’s supermarkets were swamped by citizens anticipating a lengthy confrontation with Israel. Essential items, from food to fuel, are running low, contributing to the escalating tension within the region.

IV. Hamas’ Statement and Intent

In a proclamation, Hamas declared the launch of “5,000 rockets” towards Israel as the preliminary phase of their operation, named ‘Flood of Al-Aqsa’. Their motives, as stated, revolve around putting an end to perceived Israeli transgressions, specifically in Jerusalem’s holy sites.

V. Casualties and Conflicts: The Human Cost

Rockets from Gaza hit the Bedouin village of Kseifeh in Negev, resulting in four confirmed deaths. The village’s residents, tragically, lacked sufficient shelters to protect themselves from such attacks.

VI. Israel’s Official Position

Yaakov Shabtai, the Chief of Israeli Police, underscored the nation’s state of emergency with 21 active incidents in the country’s south. In addition to heightened security measures, there have been reports, albeit unconfirmed, of Israeli citizens taken hostage by Hamas militants.

VII. Statements from Militant Leaders

Mohammed Deif, the military chief of Hamas, highlighted that ‘Flood of Al-Aqsa’ is a direct retaliation to perceived desecration of sacred sites in Jerusalem and Israel’s consistent refusal to release Palestinian prisoners. Deif’s call for unity and armed resistance resonated among Palestinians, emphasizing Israel’s perceived vulnerability.

VIII. Israel’s Defensive Measures

Israel’s military infrastructure, particularly the Iron Dome, played a pivotal role in intercepting a significant number of rockets. However, casualties have still been reported, including a grievous injury to an elderly woman near Ashkelon. Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant convened meetings with security and military heads to strategize and respond.

IX. The War Atmosphere: Gaza under Attack

From dawn, Gaza witnessed a flurry of rocket launches towards Israel. Many of these were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome defensive system. This sudden onset of aggression compelled children on their way to school to return home, and the streets rapidly emptied.

X. International Perspective: Italy Advises Caution

Italy’s embassy in Israel has cautioned its nationals to exercise utmost caution and heed local authority directives. The embassy emphasized the intense rocket launches occurring in various parts of the country, urging individuals to avoid non-essential travel.

XI. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: A Call for Prudence

Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in sync with the embassy in Israel, is closely monitoring the security developments in Israel. They’ve activated their Crisis Unit and provided an emergency contact number for nationals in need.


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