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Shocking Disclosure: Tesla Cancels Model 2, Musk Furious

In an industrial design studio, a team of engineers and designers gather around a sleek, futuristic electric car model, reminiscent of what the Tesla

Behind the Scenes of an Unexpected Decision

The news from Reuters about the supposed cancellation of the Tesla Model 2 project has sparked a real earthquake in the automotive and technology world. Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, has stepped in decisively to deny these rumors, calling the disseminated information “false.” Despite this, the news has fueled numerous debates about the actual direction the company is taking, especially at a time when sales results show a slight decline compared to the previous year.

Musk’s Response: Denials and New Projects

Musk’s reaction was swift: through his platform X, he categorically denied the project’s cancellation, accusing Reuters of misinformation. But the plot twist comes shortly after, when Musk himself announces the development of a new line of autonomous robotaxis. This move seems to mark a strategic turn for Tesla, focusing on advanced mobility solutions that go beyond the traditional production of electric vehicles.

Tesla’s Ups and Downs: The Broader Context

Tesla’s global sales in the first quarter of 2024 recorded an 8.5% decrease compared to the same period the previous year, a situation that has inevitably influenced the company’s market image and value. Beyond sales, however, the discussion shifts to Tesla’s role in the global technological landscape. Considered one of the “Magnificent Seven,” alongside giants like Apple and Google, Tesla is the only company among these to have lost value in the last year, highlighting the challenges and expectations linked to its investments in advanced technology.

Conclusion: An Unexpected but Significant Turn

The announcement of the robotaxi by Musk is not just a response to rumors but represents a clear indication of Tesla’s future direction. Attention thus shifts from more accessible vehicle models to innovative solutions that could revolutionize the very concept of mobility. The cancellation of Model 2, true or presumed, becomes a detail in a much larger picture, where Tesla continues to play a leading role in technological innovation.

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