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Alex Polidori: The Art of Dubbing and a New Frontier of Comedy on Netflix

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Growing in the Shadows of Giants: The Story of Alex Polidori


In the exclusive arena of the dubbing industry, one name stands out for its talent and versatility: Alex Polidori. Son of songwriter Silvano Polidori and younger stepbrother of renowned voice actor Gabriele Patriarca, Alex began his artistic journey as a child, following in familial footsteps and carving a path in a world marked by unmistakable voices and magnetic performances.

Early Experiences and Achievements in Dubbing

Surrounded by the art of dubbing from a tender age, Polidori embraced his heritage and made a name for himself by voicing iconic characters. Among his early significant roles, he lent his voice to Nemo in “Finding Nemo”, Koda in “Brother Bear”, and the little kangaroo Ro, characters that won over audiences and imprinted his voice in the collective memory of animation film enthusiasts.

A Voice for All Seasons: Versatility in Dubbing

Beyond his initial successes, Alex displayed remarkable artistic versatility. He voiced characters in movies such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Bambi 2 – Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest,” showcasing his ability to transition between different registers with apparent ease. Each character provided Polidori with a new opportunity to explore various emotional facets and further hone his craft.

Transitioning to More Mature Roles

As his career progressed, Alex began to undertake more complex and mature projects. He is known for voicing Tom Holland in his iconic portrayal of Spider-Man, starting with “Captain America: Civil War” and continuing in the actor’s subsequent appearances. His talent didn’t stop there, with vocal roles in resonant films like “Call Me by Your Name,” where he dubbed Timothée Chalamet, cementing his position as one of the most sought-after voices in Italian dubbing.

Recognition and Awards

Polidori’s talent didn’t go unnoticed, as evidenced by the “Emerging Voice of the Year” award received at the Dubbing Grand Gala – Romics 2006. This recognition marked a turning point in his career, affirming his position among the industry’s most promising and respected voices.

A Multifaceted Star: Beyond Dubbing

Alex Polidori’s talent extends beyond the world of dubbing. Since 2000, he has also enjoyed success on television, collaborating with well-known figures like Nino Frassica in various shows. His participation in comedy sketches and programs has demonstrated his versatility as an artist, not just as a voice, but as a stage presence.

New Horizons: The Collaboration with Netflix

2023 marked a new chapter in Polidori’s career with the launch of “Ridoppiati,” an innovative series on Netflix. Created by comedian and voice actor Fabio Celenza, the series features a unique format where snippets of films or series are redubbed comically. Polidori, a guest in the first episode, once again showed his skill in transforming any role or project into something unique.


From his humble beginnings to the spotlight on Netflix, Alex Polidori continues to impress and innovate. Whether dubbing a superhero or participating in a groundbreaking project, his voice remains a gift that enriches the entertainment industry.

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