Gian Piero Ventura’s Career Reflections: Key Decisions and Regrets

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Ventura’s Impact on Immobile and Inzaghi

Gian Piero Ventura, in the broadcast ‘QUELLI CHE…’, shed light on his career choices and their impacts. Notably, he discussed his role in the development of Ciro Immobile, the striker who rose to prominence at Torino and later at Lazio. Ventura recounted recommending Immobile to Claudio Lotito, the president of Lazio, during a challenging phase in Immobile’s career at Torino. Ventura’s insight facilitated Immobile’s transformation into the Serie A top scorer.

He emphasized the need to leverage Immobile’s unique strengths – his exceptional ability in depth attacks, contrasting with his lesser efficiency in the intricate play styles characteristic of Maurizio Sarri’s tactics. This observation raised questions about the player’s adaptability in different football styles.

Lazio: A Career Misstep for Ventura

Another significant part of the interview was Ventura’s expression of regret for turning down the opportunity to coach Lazio before becoming the head coach of the Italian National Team. He described this decision as the biggest mistake of his career, highlighting the potential he could have explored with a quality team like Lazio during that era.

Sarri’s Support During the National Team Tenure

Ventura also expressed gratitude for the support he received from Maurizio Sarri during his tenure as the head coach of the national team. He noted that Sarri was one of the few who publicly stood by him during a period of widespread criticism and pressure.

Final Thoughts: Changes in Football and Career Evaluations

Ventura concluded with reflections on how football has changed over the years, becoming less passionate for him, and how human relationships in the football world have become more complex. He expressed regret over some career choices, especially the failure to qualify for the World Cup, which he described as a terrible experience. Finally, he pointed out a perceived injustice in the assessment of his work, especially in comparison to his successors.

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