Saints are not the “arrived” but the “wayfarers”


The common perception of saints as abstract figures, somewhat detached from our reality, is a notion that requires profound rethinking. The Feast of All Saints, celebrated on November 1st, provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on this.

The true essence of the feast

Contrary to what many might think, the Feast of All Saints is not just a generic commemoration. It isn’t a patronal celebration where tribute is paid indiscriminately to all holy figures. Rather, it’s a celebration reminding us of the essence of baptism: holiness. Indeed, holiness doesn’t merely mean being good, but it transcends this simple definition. The Gospel of Matthew, with its beatitudes, lucidly showcases this distinction.

Beatitudes as the starting point

In Jesus’ words, it becomes clear that true happiness or blessedness springs from our sorrows, our struggles, and challenges. Believing isn’t a passive act or an escape from reality. Believing means recognizing hardships, embracing them, and overcoming them. It signifies understanding that we shouldn’t avoid pain, but “pass through” it, as the word “blessed” itself suggests.

Direction within suffering

Thus, holiness is not the absence of suffering. On the contrary, it’s about finding a direction, a path, within that suffering. In this context, saints stand out not because they avoid suffering, but because they tackle it with courage and determination, accepting reality and seeking to move through it. While many try to evade pain or accumulate resentment, saints view it as a challenge, an opportunity for growth and closer communion with God.

Daily sanctity

Holiness, then, is not a destination, but a journey. Saints are not the “arrived” but the “wayfarers”. Being holy means committing oneself every day, taking life’s challenges head-on with courage and determination. Sanctity isn’t static, but dynamic. It’s an ongoing movement towards a direction, a relentless pursuit of a deeper bond with God.

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