Talk to Me: A Fresh Take on Horror


The Year’s Breakout Directors

“Talk to Me” claims the title of the horror film of the year, at least for now. This new masterpiece directed by brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, better known as the YouTubers RackaRacka, marks a triumphant entrance into the cinematic world.

The Philippou Background

Who would have guessed that two YouTubers could helm such a masterpiece? The Australian twins, already famous for their viral videos, took everyone by surprise. Their background lies in humorous shorts, channeling the essence of the Jackass team. However, “Talk to Me” is a departure from their previous ventures.

The Essence of the Film

Centered on a group of thrill-seeking teens, the film delves into the devastating effects of a relic: a mummified hand with supernatural powers. The plot weaves through the supernatural, psychological, and social realms. The intricate storyline deals with demonic possession and psychological thriller, capturing the protagonist’s progressive loss of clarity. While not groundbreaking, its mastery in balancing genres is undeniable.

A New Vision of Horror

The Philippou brothers aim to do more than just scare. They venture into topics like mental health, loss of identity, and adolescent loneliness. Their sensitive touch makes “Talk to Me” a deeply empathetic film.

Influences and Legacy

Danny revealed some of his influences: “Pet Sematary”, “The Exorcist”, and “Let the Right One In”. The unexpected success of “Talk to Me” has showcased the influence of these films and much more.

In Conclusion

“Talk to Me” goes beyond horror. It’s a reflection on society, adolescence, and inner demons. With a sequel already announced, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Philippou brothers.

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