Traces of an Unexpected Past

tracce di un passato inaspettato

In the chaos of rails and passing trains, Our glances serendipitously intertwine. After years and miles, finding you here with me, A mere coincidence? Or perhaps it’s serendipity?

You don’t recognize me, but I see that high school girl, In the corners of your smile, the tone of your greeting. I reminisce about classroom days, laughter in the hallways, As the train speeds on, I hear echoes of a journey long ago.

It’s not love, nor nostalgia, but the sheer joy of discovery, To unearth a fragment of the past, a door now ajar. And if memories elude, it doesn’t matter, for now, We live a unique moment, an unexpected and frequent gift.

Yes, the train speeds like the time that has elapsed, But this fleeting conversation has an unparalleled taste. I don’t know if we’ll meet again, or if this remains, But today, in this moment, we relish a rare and beautiful gesture.

A memory unearthed, a never-ending tale, In this unforeseen journey, for a moment, we were close. And in the hum of the carriages, the escaping light, Lies the magic of reconnection, even as the past slips away.

Traces of an Unexpected Past

Serendipity. Beyond its melodic sound, it carries a deep and enchanting meaning: the accidental discovery of something not being sought. The story I shared about this train journey, of crossed looks and rediscovered memories, embodies serendipity. It’s the unexpected finding of a piece of the past, in a time and place least expected.

The blog “Serendipity” originates from such fortuitous discoveries. Behind every post, article, or shared thought is a story, an unexpected encounter, or a surprising revelation. As if behind every corner, tucked within daily lines, there’s always something special waiting to be found.

Upon reflection, our lives are studded with serendipitous moments. How often have we thought, “What if I hadn’t been here right now?”, or “What a coincidence you’re here!”? These aren’t mere coincidences. They’re the universe’s small gifts, moments when stars align, and magic unfolds.

Scientists refer to serendipity in the context of accidental discoveries. I think of penicillin, discovered when Alexander Fleming noticed mold killing bacteria on a petri dish. But for us, ordinary beings, serendipity lies in small details, in unexpected smiles, last-minute coffee with an old rediscovered friend, songs playing just when we need them.

What makes all this even more special is recognizing its rarity and value. In a world bombarded by information, notifications, distractions, finding something genuine and unexpected is like discovering an oasis in the desert.

Sure, some might argue it’s all random, mere coincidences without meaning. But I prefer to believe there’s some magic behind. A grander scheme, an invisible web connecting everything and everyone, occasionally granting us pure serendipity moments.

In creating “Serendipity”, I aimed to capture and share these moments. Not merely as a personal diary but a celebration of life’s beauty, unexpectedness, and magic. I hope that reading these words inspires you to seek your serendipity, to open your eyes and heart to the wonders surrounding you.

So, dear readers, I invite you on this journey. To occasionally pause, look around, and let yourself be amazed. For life’s too short not to marvel at the little things, not to savor every serendipitous moment.

In conclusion, “Serendipity” isn’t just a blog but a tribute to the beauty of the unexpected. It testifies to how life can astonish us if we’re open to surprises.

Redazione UPFD

Redazione UPFD

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