The Osimhen-Napoli Break: TikTok’s Stirring Dust

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The TikTok Twist A break between Victor Osimhen and Napoli seems inevitable. But could a TikTok video really be the root cause? Osimhen’s agent, Roberto Calenda, expressed his outrage through X (the former Twitter), labeling Napoli’s TikTok post as unacceptable, where Victor was mocked. The video was removed, but the controversy was already ignited.

The Main Player: The Social Platform Napoli’s official TikTok account posted videos concerning Osimhen. One was about Osimhen’s penalty miss against Bologna. Another displayed Victor with an edited audio saying: “I’m not a girl, I’m not a boy, I’m a coconut.” Although deleted, the damage was done.

Behind the Scenes: A Penalty and Its Aftermath Following the penalty mishap, Osimhen had a chat with the coach and his teammates. But the tension was palpable. Just a while ago, Napoli celebrated a Serie A title, partly due to Osimhen’s goals.

Contract Renewal: A Thorn in the Side Parallel to these tensions, there’s been a contract renewal negotiation for Osimhen, which never came to fruition. His current contract ends in 2025. This, combined with the TikTok tensions, only exacerbated matters.

A Mysterious Sign: Osimhen’s Social Presence From Osimhen’s Instagram profile, many photos of him wearing the Napoli jersey disappeared. This move further fueled speculations about his possible exit.

Conclusion: Lost Love? What was once a strong bond between Osimhen and Napoli now appears to be on the rocks. With everything that’s transpired, the ball is now in the club’s court to see how they will respond.

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