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Chapter 3: two worlds compared

In the heart of a Roman high school, Luca and Isabella’s lives progressed in parallel, though their paths hadn’t yet crossed. Luca’s friends would describe him as the “life of the party,” always ready to bring laughter, organize events, or simply spend evenings chatting and laughing. However, beneath this extroverted facade, Luca had a shy and reserved side he rarely showcased.

Isabella, on the other hand, had a vastly different reputation. She was seen as the serious girl, always buried in books and ambitious in her academic pursuits. Many perceived her as egocentric since she seemed to have little time for others, but those close to her knew of her sweet heart and clear vision of what she wanted from life.

One day, during an art lesson, their worlds collided. Luca was sketching a portrait, deeply engrossed in his work when he accidentally knocked over an ink pot onto a notebook. Isabella, seated at the adjacent desk, saw her elaborate literature project stained by the ink.

Upset, she stood up, confronting Luca, leading to a heated exchange. What began as a minor disagreement quickly evolved into a fiery debate, with the entire class as an audience. Yet, amidst this tension, a spark was evident between the two.

From then on, they began to notice each other more, though not always on positive terms. But, as the saying goes, opposites attract, and the intrigue to know the other grew each day.

The rest of the chapter could delve into the challenges and dynamics of their school relationships, their interactions with friends and teachers, and how they gradually begin to forge a friendship.

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Redazione UPFD

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